Bildiri G├Ânderimi
Scientific Program

The recent, increasing amount of knowledge regarding lung cancer, especially in the field of basic science, has led to a significant paradigm shift in the management of patients with thoracic cancers. Elucidation of biologic mechanisms that underpin carcinogenetic potential and metastatic behavior has led to an inevitable explosion in the development of effective targeted agents and immunotherapy strategies, many of which have been proven to be more effective and less toxic therapeutic approaches.

Despite energetic efforts and the enormous support gained within the oncology community, there are many obstacles in the clinical implementation of precision medicine. On the one hand there is increasing pressure to utilize some form of biologic treatment or immunotherapy for each individual patient; on the other hand, the immense bulk and the rapid recycling of the new information complicates interpretation of the data when we are faced with the patient in our daily clinical practice.


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